• Wikipedia to Whatsapp, and circumvent data bundles.

    Fact: a lot of smartphone users do not have internet access, which makes these phones a lot less smart than they should be. The reason? Mostly cost: data is expensive. It is not uncommon for telcos to offer “bundles” whereby people can buy unlimited access to, say, Whatsapp and/or Facebook. The downside is that one...read more
  • 60,000 public domain books can fit on a flashdrive

    60,000 public domain books can fit on a flashdrive

    There are still parts of the world where access to the global internet is limited. Rural parts of world from Alaska to Africa to Asia have bandwidth to that is unevenly distributed. Governments regularly cut off website and apps access to their residents, with education often a collateral damage. There is and will always be...read more
  • Baby it’s cold outside

    Baby it’s cold outside

    A month ago on 8 July, 2020, 186 reels of open source code were stored in Github’s Code Vault, inside the Arctic World Archive at Longyearbyen, on Svalbard island. And Kiwix, or rather its source code, was part of the trip. Gihub’s idea is to preserve open-source software, which runs a large part of our...read more
  • Kiwix-android 3.3.2/3/4 release notes

    ZOOM! So many updates that we can’t keep track of them. So these release notes will do for Kiwix-Android 3.3.2/3 and 4. New: You can now control text zoom with a pinch! Better flow for hosting content with your phone or tablet as a hotspot; We rewrote the bookmarks/History internals; And updated translations. Bug fixes:...read more
  • We’re on Edge (extension release notes)

    So besides being the worst pun of the year for a blog title, there is an actual release of a Kiwix-JS extension for Edge, the new Microsoft browser with a cool logo. It also comes with the update for Kiwix-JS 2.8, that also works on Firefox and Chrome. New: Intelligently select the best Storage API...read more
  • Kiwix-desktop 2.0.3 release notes

    Hi everyone, short but important release to the Desktop version of Kiwix. Fixes: Updated logo (looks better if you are in night mode); Use new threadsafe api of kiwix-lib to do suggestions search. Kiwix for desktop can be downloaded here if you are using Windows, and there for the Linux binaries.  
  • Kiwix for iOS 1.13 two-for-one release notes

    We actually released 1.12, realized that some users were not super happy with what we thought was improved search, and made a quickfix with 1.13. Here’s what you will get with the new update(s): New article outline improvements show article title in the navigation bar if available for MediaWiki based zim files, sections now expand...read more
  • Kiwix for iOS 1.11.1 release notes

    Here’s what you will get with this new update: New integration with OPDS API for library catalog refreshing Fixes: font size not applied after article is loaded snippet text color is too dark to read in dark mode sometimes the font size setting preview becomes too tall app launching issue for iOS 11 & 12...read more
  • Kiwix for android 3.3.1 release notes

    Here’s what you will get with this 3.3.x update: New Improved loading of audio/video content Card based views for lists Improved translations You can now delete notes Kiwix now sends Diagnostic Reports when it crashes. Bug  fixes Loading older zim files could fail. Now it doesn’t anymore. Some svgs were not loading. Now they do....read more
  • Kiwix for macOS 2.1 release notes

    Here’s what you will get with this new update: compatibility with macOS Catalina; you can now browse different articles in multiple tabs; added a side bar showing all zim files you have added to the app; And a nice little update to our dock logo 🙂 Kiwix 2.1 for macOS can be downloaded from iTunes...read more