• Going viral in Peru

    It looks like our Chemistry and Physics app has found its audience in beautiful Peru: The app went from 200 users in total to 8,000 new installs every day (and counting) in a matter of weeks. At the time of writing it stands a little bit over 132,000 active installs. Here are some early learnings: 1....read more
  • State of the Kiwi

    Here is a broad update of where we stand in terms of technology for the project. First, the chart below summarizes broadly our tech stack and may or may not help you navigate what follows: Overall Kiwix is healthier than ever, with about 30% more code contributors, releases, tickets closed, etc. than last year. You...read more
  • How to report a bug

    Tickets -be it bug reports or feature requests- are the basics of any software improvement. The lack of tickets or poorly written ones seriously impair a healthy software development. Like building a house on weak foundations, this should be avoided. Why open a ticket? Well, it looks like something is not working properly on your...read more
  • Kiwix-android 3.3.2/3/4 release notes

    ZOOM! So many updates that we can’t keep track of them. So these release notes will do for Kiwix-Android 3.3.2/3 and 4. New: You can now control text zoom with a pinch! Better flow for hosting content with your phone or tablet as a hotspot; We rewrote the bookmarks/History internals; And updated translations. Bug fixes:...read more
  • Can you turn a website into an offline app?

    Did you know that you could turn your favourite website into an offline app? And did you know this is a fairly straightforward process? But let us first take a step back, and remember how Kiwix works: On the one hand you have a website, almost any website, which we can convert to the openZIM...read more
  • Kiwix for android 3.3.1 release notes

    Here’s what you will get with this 3.3.x update: New Improved loading of audio/video content Card based views for lists Improved translations You can now delete notes Kiwix now sends Diagnostic Reports when it crashes. Bug  fixes Loading older zim files could fail. Now it doesn’t anymore. Some svgs were not loading. Now they do....read more