• Distributed Wikipedia Mirror Update

    Distributed Wikipedia Mirror and Kiwix projects are happy to the announce general availability of updated English and Turkish mirrors, along with new languages: Burmese, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. A handy, up-to-date list can be found at ipfs.kiwix.org, and in the snapshot-hashes.yml manifest. The idea of a distributed Wikipedia mirror goes back to 2017, when the IPFS Project created a snapshot of English and Turkish languages and put it on IPFS. To learn why...read more
  • Zim it up!

    It’s there. Finally, a tool for anyone to generate their own zim file! Yes, it is that awesome. And it is called Zimit. How does it work? As you can see, the web interface is pretty lean – it is what we put under the hood that matters. On your end, you will only need:...read more
  • This bot is judging you. Here’s how we made it better at it

    On October 15th, 2020, the 2nd generation WP 1.0 web tool was shut down, and the 3rd generation tool was launched to 100%. This was a major milestone for the project, representing over 2 years of planning and migration work.  What is the WP 1.0 “web tool” and the related WP 1.0 “bot”? And what...read more
  • State of the Kiwi

    Here is a broad update of where we stand in terms of technology for the project. First, the chart below summarizes broadly our tech stack and may or may not help you navigate what follows: Overall Kiwix is healthier than ever, with about 30% more code contributors, releases, tickets closed, etc. than last year. You...read more