• Kiwix for macOS 2.1 release notes

    Here’s what you will get with this new update: compatibility with macOS Catalina; you can now browse different articles in multiple tabs; added a side bar showing all zim files you have added to the app; And a nice little update to our dock logo 🙂 Kiwix 2.1 for macOS can be downloaded from iTunes...read more
  • Let’s turn this MVP into an M.V.P.

    After many a release versions, Kiwix-desktop 2.0 is finally out: you can download it here! There’s a lot of improvements from the earlier, older 0.9 version (yes, we never had a 1.0), and we wish it to have as long and successful a career as its ilustrious predecessor. It’s a great product, has all the...read more
  • Kiwix-JS 2.7.0 release notes

    Kiwix-JS is the browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. Download it here (Google) or here (FF) and read zim files without leaving the comfort of your favourite browser window (call it confinement within your confinement). What is new Selectable dark mode for app UI and for articles; Optional transition between app pages; Native asset caching...read more