• Quechua Wikipedia for Quechua villagers

    The Wikimedia Foundation’s Annual report for the last year is out! There is a section about Kiwix, and how it can help share knowledge in areas with no internet access. We have many stories to share: the one they decided to focus on takes place in Ecuador. There, Yachay Tech students decided to give a...read more
  • Kiwix-android 3.3.2/3/4 release notes

    ZOOM! So many updates that we can’t keep track of them. So these release notes will do for Kiwix-Android 3.3.2/3 and 4. New: You can now control text zoom with a pinch! Better flow for hosting content with your phone or tablet as a hotspot; We rewrote the bookmarks/History internals; And updated translations. Bug fixes:...read more
  • We’re on Edge (extension release notes)

    So besides being the worst pun of the year for a blog title, there is an actual release of a Kiwix-JS extension for Edge, the new Microsoft browser with a cool logo. It also comes with the update for Kiwix-JS 2.8, that also works on Firefox and Chrome. New: Intelligently select the best Storage API...read more
  • Kiwix-desktop 2.0.3 release notes

    Hi everyone, short but important release to the Desktop version of Kiwix. Fixes: Updated logo (looks better if you are in night mode); Use new threadsafe api of kiwix-lib to do suggestions search. Kiwix for desktop can be downloaded here if you are using Windows, and there for the Linux binaries.  
  • Can you turn a website into an offline app?

    Did you know that you could turn your favourite website into an offline app? And did you know this is a fairly straightforward process? But let us first take a step back, and remember how Kiwix works: On the one hand you have a website, almost any website, which we can convert to the openZIM...read more