• Thaki gives a new life to your old computers

    Thaki gives a new life to your old computers

    Does your company have end-of-cycle computers that they would like to donate? if the answer is yes, then do reach out the Thaki folks at once so that these machines can get a second life in Lebanon and the Levant! Thaki brings digital literacy skills to kids across the country. It empowers refugee and vulnerable...read more
  • Zim-tools 3.0.0 is out!

    After announcing the libzim7 release a month ago, we are proud to follow-up with the release of version 3.0.0 of the Zim-tools. Zim-tools is the Swiss-army knife for manipulating ZIM files and is actually a suite of command line tools (more info on building and manipulating zim files on the openZIM project). The most famous...read more
  • Libzim 7 is out!

    This is with great joy that we can announce the official release of libzim 7.0.0. This is one of the biggest releases we have ever made: Almost one year of effort; 15,000 lines of code changed; Nearly 100 tickets closed; Code coverage increased from 50% to 85%. What does this new release bring? A strongly...read more
  • Here’s what impact looks like

    Here’s what impact looks like

    We've never met Ross Patrick, yet he has decided that Kiwix-desktop was what was needed in Benin for people dealing with high data costs and poor connectivity. Now he's evangilizing the country on his spare time.
  • Offline connectivity in Ghana: How they do it

    Maxwell Beganim is an Educator at the Tertiary and Secondary level. He is also a Wikipedian, a member of Open Foundation West Africa and wanted to train students on Open Knowledge. But he needed a solution to a long standing problem of connectivity in the region. How can you do Digital Literacy trainings without access...read more
  • Deploying Ladakhipedia offline

    Deploying Ladakhipedia offline

    Lost valleys in the Himalayas may have no internet, but they have Kiwix.
  • Vote for Kiwix at the MIT Solve Digital Inclusion challenge!

    We are Massachusetts Institute of Technology‘s finalists for their Solve Digital Inclusion challenge! After Qatar Foundation’s WISE earlier this Summer, this is the second global final this year for Kiwix – it looks like people are starting to get the idea that offline internet is the Next Big Thing, or at least that Digital Inclusion will...read more
  • Internet in einer Box

    Wie kommt “das Internet” in entlegene Gebiete? Das Antwort liegt in der heutigen Österreich 1-Matrix-Sendung! https://oe1.orf.at/programm/20210709/644820/Internet-in-a-box Früher bei der Ö1: https://oe1.orf.at/programm/20210114/624818/Kiwix-die-Wikipedia-als-Offline-Enzyklopaedie
  • Learn English with Voice of America on Kiwix

    Voice of America’s Learning English is a Youtube channel with over 1.6M subscribers and whose sole purpose is to help people learn (American) English. And as for all content developed by US civil servants, it is in the Public Domain. For the past couple of years Kiwix has run a Youtube-specific scraper that allows it...read more
  • Kiwix technical status, Summer 2021

    Here is a technical status report that was sent by Emmanuel Engelhart, our CTO, to the Kiwix Board of Directors in June 2021. Minor edits for clarity. Dear Board members, I wanted to share a new general technology update before our next meeting. As a reminder, you can always find an overview of our software...read more