• In the news again

    This time an interview on Website Planet: why Kiwix, what’s up, where the field of offline access is going. Check it out!    
  • Distributed Wikipedia Mirror Update

    Distributed Wikipedia Mirror and Kiwix projects are happy to the announce general availability of updated English and Turkish mirrors, along with new languages: Burmese, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. A handy, up-to-date list can be found at ipfs.kiwix.org, and in the snapshot-hashes.yml manifest. The idea of a distributed Wikipedia mirror goes back to 2017, when the IPFS Project created a snapshot of English and Turkish languages and put it on IPFS. To learn why...read more
  • In the (French-speaking) news

    An interesting* interview with Sarah Zeines on where Kiwix is coming from and where it’s heading. For those of us who made the wrong life decision of speaking French but not being Heidi subscribers, here is a PDF copy. Alternatively, there was also another interesting interview on the French-speaking national radio of Switzerland (RTS Forum),...read more
  • New use case: Literate Earth

    The Literate Earth Project is a US-based non-profit. They manage 16 schools in Uganda, and another at the Imvepi refugee camp. They have been active for the past ten years already. Literate Earth reached out because their next step is to deploy Raspberry Pi hotspots with Offline Wikipedia on them. They would also like to...read more
  • What to expect from this year’s Google Summer of Code @Kiwix

    We are proud / happy / excited / thrilled / ECSTATIC to announce our four new recruits for this year’s Google Summer of Code. Four smart young coders that are going to help us on four very different projects. (A quick note for potential and future applicants: the one thing these four have in common...read more