• Our (very) Long Tail

    Our (very) Long Tail

    We are the offline internet.
  • Kiwix Content Update #3

    Kiwix Content Update #3

    What's new at Kiwix.
  • Kiwix-JS 4.0 is out!

    Kiwix-JS 4.0 is out!

    Coming to a Browser Extension Store near you, Version 4.0 is a major (10 years!) anniversary milestone for Kiwix JS now comes with full high-fidelity support for all known ZIM archives! Updating Kiwix-JS This release has important new features, together with significant under-the-hood refactoring. If you use the Extension in Service Worker mode, it will...read more
  • 2024 Google Summer of Code – what to expect, what to do

    2024 Google Summer of Code – what to expect, what to do

    Are you a Computer Science student? Are you looking for a Summer internship? Are you ready to embark on an adventure in open source development? The Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2024 is just around the corner, offering you the chance to collaborate with top organizations on innovative projects (not just us, not just ours). If...read more
  • Be classy

    Be classy

    Not sure who needed this today but we played with Bing’s copilot and ended up with a pretty cool new desktop background, and it looks equally good on Linux, macOS and Windows desktops:   Get yours here!
  • For all preppers out there

    For all preppers out there

    The end is not nigh, but if it is then you'll be a little more ready