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What Is Kiwix?

Kiwix is a non-profit organization and a free and open-source software project dedicated to providing offline access to free educational content. The name “Kiwix” is a play on the word “Wiki” as it represented our initial goal of making Wikipedia accessible offline.

The Short Story

The Short Story

The Short Story

Did you know that you could store the entirety of Wikipedia on your phone? And read it anywhere, at anytime?

The Long Story


The Long Story

We can make highly compressed copies of entire websites that each fit into a single (.zim) file. Zim files are small enough that they can be stored on users’ mobile phones, computers or small, inexpensive Hotspot.

Kiwix then acts like a regular browser, except that it reads these local copies. People with no or limited internet access can enjoy the same browsing experience as anyone else.

The software as well as the content are fully open-source and free to use and share.

  • The Challenge

    50% of the world's population has no reliable access to the internet. This can be because of cost, lack of infrastructure, or censorship.

  • The Solution – How Does It Work?

    We copy educational websites and compress them into files that people can take with them and browse anytime, anywhere.

  • Kiwix Is Also A Nonprofit

    Most of our revenue comes from donations. We do not display ads, nor do we collect personal data.

Team Members

  • Identite bbe

    Benoît Béraud

  • palceholder image

    Amanda Bittaker

  • Cohen Solal Isabelle

    Isabelle Cohen-Solal

    Board Chair
  • stephane coillet matillon

    Stéphane Coillet-Matillon

  • jenny ebermann

    Jenny Ebermann

  • Kelson

    Emmanuel Engelhart

  • emmanuel pierron

    Emmanuel Pierron

  • fabien jacquier

    Fabien Jacquier

  • Frédéric Schütz

    Frederic Schutz

  • Renaud Gaudin

    Renaud Gaudin

  • ravan al taie square

    Ravan Al-Taie

    Content Manager
  • Galton Saputra

    Galton Saputra

    ASEAN advisor
  • oie

    Levon Manukyan

  • mohit mali

    Mohit Mali

  • WP 20190829 18 40 10 Pro edit 150x150

    Geoffrey Kantaris

  • matthieu gauthier

    Matthieu Gautier

  • Christina Malouf Contomichalos

    Christina Malouf Contomichalos

  • palceholder image

    Joanna Thompson


Our Partners

We’re grateful for the support of our partners and sponsors who share our vision of providing free and open access to knowledge. Together, we’re working to make the world a better place.