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Get In Touch

If you are using Kiwix and want to report a bug or problem you will need to do it directly on github: click on the buttons to report directly the corresponding developer community.

You will see a green button “New issue” : click on it to create a ticket, and share as much information as you can on what you did and what happened. We need to reproduce the problem in order to solve it!

  • iOs/macOS

    Both for iOS and macOS bug reports and feature requests

  • Android

    Android repository

  • Desktop

    For Windows and Linux versions

  • Hotspot

    Anything related to the Raspberry Pi-based hotspot

  • Zim requests

    Looking for content that is not yet available in our library? Make sure it is under a free license, and post your request here.

Connect with us

For anything else – from saying hello to enquiring about partnerships, feel free to drop us a line!


Please note that the form may not work properly with certain browser extensions (uBlock origin, Cookie Autodelete and so on): in that case, drop us a not at hello

  • Mailing address:

    Avenue des Acacias 7
    1006 Lausanne