• Kiwix Content Update #2

    Kiwix Content Update #2

    What's new at Kiwix.
  • Kiwix Content Updates #1

    Kiwix Content Updates #1

    Number Uno  – 22 August 2023 – Quarterly(-ish)   New content available for download at Kiwix The CIA world factbook – background info on every country in the world. LINK Army Publishing Directorate – the US Army’s centralized publication system (form, manuals, etc.). LINK Bibliothèque numérique romande (in French): 22,808 free ebooks. LINK All Android...read more
  • What is the size of Wikipedia?

    The short answer is : 20 GB (give or take). This is also the wrong answer, because all you would have there would be a long, long, unformatted text file – no images, hyperlinks, or even section headers. Great for machine-learning (if that), but little else. If you wanted a printed, human-friendly version, Encyclopedia Britannica-style (each...read more
  • Look at us! We took Stack Overflow offline

    We are happy to announce the official release of a brand new, revamped version of Stack Overflow offline! Thanks to the folks at Stack Exchange, we’ve been able to fully revamp our Stack Overflow-to-Kiwix (Sotoki) scraper and will continue providing not only the SO developer forum, but also an offline copy of every other Stack...read more
  • Be our next library manager

    The world is our oyster, and we need someone sharp as a knife to help us further open it. Kiwix is looking for a Library Content Manager to help us manage our every-growing library. This is only a part-time position at the moment, but on the plus side it is fully remote. What you will...read more
  • Turn your phone into an encyclopedia of fixing things

    Phone is broken? Camera is broken? Your car as well? Then you can either, you know, buy a new one of each or simply try and fix them. And the best resource for that is probably iFixit – a global community of people helping each other repair things. Years ago, iFixit used to provide DVDs...read more
  • Help build a resilient internet, win bounties

    Kiwix and Swarm are pleased to announce their new project – making Wikipedia censorship resistant! From 1–21 March, artists, gamers, developers, activists, crypto and non-crypto people will come together in the 2nd Fair Data Society Festival & Hackathon: if you have an idea in Art, Music, Activism, Privacy, DAO, dAapps & Web3, data liberation or...read more
  • Learn English with Voice of America on Kiwix

    Voice of America’s Learning English is a Youtube channel with over 1.6M subscribers and whose sole purpose is to help people learn (American) English. And as for all content developed by US civil servants, it is in the Public Domain. For the past couple of years Kiwix has run a Youtube-specific scraper that allows it...read more
  • Distributed Wikipedia Mirror Update

    Distributed Wikipedia Mirror and Kiwix projects are happy to the announce general availability of updated English and Turkish mirrors, along with new languages: Burmese, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. A handy, up-to-date list can be found at ipfs.kiwix.org, and in the snapshot-hashes.yml manifest. The idea of a distributed Wikipedia mirror goes back to 2017, when the IPFS Project created a snapshot of English and Turkish languages and put it on IPFS. To learn why...read more
  • Zim it up!

    It’s there. Finally, a tool for anyone to generate their own zim file! Yes, it is that awesome. And it is called Zimit. How does it work? As you can see, the web interface is pretty lean – it is what we put under the hood that matters. On your end, you will only need:...read more