• zimit 2.0 is out!

    zimit 2.0 is out!

    It is now official: zimit 2.0, our (near-)universal content scraper, is out! Zimit is already available at zimit.kiwix.org, and we’ve also re-generated existing recipes that were running on the previous iteration. This  labour of love has been 3 years in the asking and 13 months in the making: kudos to everyone involved. Zimit does what...read more
  • Kiwix Content Update #4

    Kiwix Content Update #4

    What's new at Kiwix.
  • Our (very) Long Tail

    Our (very) Long Tail

    We are the offline internet.
  • Kiwix Content Update #3

    Kiwix Content Update #3

    What's new at Kiwix.
  • Kiwix Content Update #2

    Kiwix Content Update #2

    What's new at Kiwix.
  • Kiwix Content Updates #1

    Kiwix Content Updates #1

    Number Uno  – 22 August 2023 – Quarterly(-ish)   New content available for download at Kiwix The CIA world factbook – background info on every country in the world. LINK Army Publishing Directorate – the US Army’s centralized publication system (form, manuals, etc.). LINK Bibliothèque numérique romande (in French): 22,808 free ebooks. LINK All Android...read more
  • What is the size of Wikipedia?

    The short answer is : 20 GB (give or take). This is also the wrong answer, because all you would have there would be a long, long, unformatted text file – no images, hyperlinks, or even section headers. Great for machine-learning (if that), but little else. If you wanted a printed, human-friendly version, Encyclopedia Britannica-style (each...read more
  • Look at us! We took Stack Overflow offline

    We are happy to announce the official release of a brand new, revamped version of Stack Overflow offline! Thanks to the folks at Stack Exchange, we’ve been able to fully revamp our Stack Overflow-to-Kiwix (Sotoki) scraper and will continue providing not only the SO developer forum, but also an offline copy of every other Stack...read more
  • Be our next library manager

    The world is our oyster, and we need someone sharp as a knife to help us further open it. Kiwix is looking for a Library Content Manager to help us manage our every-growing library. This is only a part-time position at the moment, but on the plus side it is fully remote. What you will...read more
  • Turn your phone into an encyclopedia of fixing things

    Phone is broken? Camera is broken? Your car as well? Then you can either, you know, buy a new one of each or simply try and fix them. And the best resource for that is probably iFixit – a global community of people helping each other repair things. Years ago, iFixit used to provide DVDs...read more