• Wiki loves Folklore

    Wiki loves Folklore

    A small part of our job is to support Wikimedia Foundation user groups with their accounting (we act as fiscal sponsors, meaning that we lend them our non-profit status so that they can lead their activities and we take care of the paperwork). Among the folks we are happy to help are the Wiki loves...read more
  • Kiwix Content Updates #1

    Kiwix Content Updates #1

    Number Uno  – 22 August 2023 – Quarterly(-ish)   New content available for download at Kiwix The CIA world factbook – background info on every country in the world. LINK Army Publishing Directorate – the US Army’s centralized publication system (form, manuals, etc.). LINK Bibliothèque numérique romande (in French): 22,808 free ebooks. LINK All Android...read more
  • Kiwix4Schools mentorship Q&A, June 9, 2023

    Kiwix4Schools mentorship Q&A, June 9, 2023

    The event took place over Zoom, everything went smoothly thanks to the ever-efficient Ruby (seconded by Eugene and Jael). This hour-long meeting turned to 90 minutes of discussions, which is testament to the participants enthusiasm (and their need for answers. Took down some notes while questions were flying, putting them here for posterity (and in...read more
  • Our docker images are on now GHCR.io

    We have been pushing our images to both docker.io and ghcr.io for a good while now (2y+). Following the recent (March 2023) announcement, re-announcement then cancellation announcement, we have decided to only publish our images to ghcr.io for the foreseeable future. For clarity’s sake, we have decided to remove all our images from docker.io as well. We are sorry if this caused you...read more
  • We’re hiring! Senior Python developer wanted

    Kiwix is the leading offline solution for people who cannot access internet content – be it because of data cost, low connectivity, or outright censorship. It is free, and open-source. Simply put, our software copies the entirety of websites that can then be downloaded as zim files and stored locally : for example, we made...read more
  • 50k DAI prize to make Wikipedia unstoppable

    The Swarm Association is announcing a 50,000 DAI “Wikipedia on Swarm ”prize (paid in BZZ) for a solution that observes a Wikipedia offline archive and uploads it to the Swarm network. The goal is to allow for Wikipedia in any language to be easily uploaded to the Swarm network, making it resilient to the potential grip of censorship....read more
  • A new partnership to build a decentralized Wikipedia

    Protocols Kiwix and Swarm have joined forces to develop a novel proof-of-concept (PoC) for uncensorable content. The PoC will be leveraged to create a decentralized version of the world’s largest online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. The goal is to develop the revolutionary PoC during the WEAREMILLIONS (WAM) hackathon. The event, which started on the 1st of March...read more
  • And now for some art

    Since February this year it is possible to support Kiwix while purchasing some Art. The project is called The Art Pledge, and purports to share part of its proceeds with selected non-profits. Artists decide which Sustainable Development Goals they want to support with their work, and their work appears on the page of charities working...read more
  • Vote for Kiwix at the MIT Solve Digital Inclusion challenge!

    We are Massachusetts Institute of Technology‘s finalists for their Solve Digital Inclusion challenge! After Qatar Foundation’s WISE earlier this Summer, this is the second global final this year for Kiwix – it looks like people are starting to get the idea that offline internet is the Next Big Thing, or at least that Digital Inclusion will...read more
  • Kiwix technical status, Summer 2021

    Here is a technical status report that was sent by Emmanuel Engelhart, our CTO, to the Kiwix Board of Directors in June 2021. Minor edits for clarity. Dear Board members, I wanted to share a new general technology update before our next meeting. As a reminder, you can always find an overview of our software...read more