• Kiwix technical status, Summer 2021

    Here is a technical status report that was sent by Emmanuel Engelhart, our CTO, to the Kiwix Board of Directors in June 2021. Minor edits for clarity. Dear Board members, I wanted to share a new general technology update before our next meeting. As a reminder, you can always find an overview of our software...read more
  • In the news again

    This time an interview on Website Planet: why Kiwix, what’s up, where the field of offline access is going. Check it out!    
  • In the (French-speaking) news

    An interesting* interview with Sarah Zeines on where Kiwix is coming from and where it’s heading. For those of us who made the wrong life decision of speaking French but not being Heidi subscribers, here is a PDF copy. Alternatively, there was also another interesting interview on the French-speaking national radio of Switzerland (RTS Forum),...read more
  • Let there be light

    New cool product / project from our good friends at EduAir: a lamp. But not any lamp. EduEnergy is a low-consumption light bulb with an integrated wi-fi hotspot and content. Which contents, you ask? There’s Wikipedia, but also games for ages 3-5, MOOCs, books and a console to check on the progress of users. Connect...read more
  • What we did with your money

    This is the year-end email that has been sent to Kiwix donors and supporters in December 2020.   Hello | News | Cool | Next Who is this? My name is Stéphane, I’m the co-founder of Kiwix, and this is a short email to tell you what we did this year with your money. Thanking...read more
  • We are fixing the world (according to BBC)

    A very nice all-round podcast worth a subscribe, but it gets even better when it discusses offline access, Kiwix, and people using it. Twenty minutes well spent.  
  • A Falling Walls winner for Digital Education

    A Falling Walls winner for Digital Education

    Recognition is always nice – Kiwix won this year’s Falling Walls award in Digital Education for breaking the Wall of Connectivity! Here is the video that got us there: And here is the follow-up interview Thanks very much to the Falling Walls team who had to switch to the now-ubiquitous online format. We sure missed...read more
  • State of the Kiwi

    Here is a broad update of where we stand in terms of technology for the project. First, the chart below summarizes broadly our tech stack and may or may not help you navigate what follows: Overall Kiwix is healthier than ever, with about 30% more code contributors, releases, tickets closed, etc. than last year. You...read more
  • How to report a bug

    Tickets -be it bug reports or feature requests- are the basics of any software improvement. The lack of tickets or poorly written ones seriously impair a healthy software development. Like building a house on weak foundations, this should be avoided. Why open a ticket? Well, it looks like something is not working properly on your...read more
  • Wikipedia to Whatsapp, and circumvent data bundles.

    Fact: a lot of smartphone users do not have internet access, which makes these phones a lot less smart than they should be. The reason? Mostly cost: data is expensive. It is not uncommon for telcos to offer “bundles” whereby people can buy unlimited access to, say, Whatsapp and/or Facebook. The downside is that one...read more