• 60,000 public domain books can fit on a flashdrive

    60,000 public domain books can fit on a flashdrive

    There are still parts of the world where access to the global internet is limited. Rural parts of world from Alaska to Africa to Asia have bandwidth to that is unevenly distributed. Governments regularly cut off website and apps access to their residents, with education often a collateral damage. There is and will always be...read more
  • A short history of farming

    Here is a very nice email we received some time ago: re: Donating some compute power to the zim farm Hi, I have some spare compute power for at least a month, if that’s useful. If so, here’s a virtual machine that can be used for the Kiwix project: Storage: 4TB Memory: 32GB Network: ~950Mbps...read more
  • Baby it’s cold outside

    Baby it’s cold outside

    A month ago on 8 July, 2020, 186 reels of open source code were stored in Github’s Code Vault, inside the Arctic World Archive at Longyearbyen, on Svalbard island. And Kiwix, or rather its source code, was part of the trip. Gihub’s idea is to preserve open-source software, which runs a large part of our...read more
  • How come we have no users in Somaliland?

    When you look at our numbers for last year, the good news is that Kiwix has been downloaded over a million times in 2019: That’s the number for our servers alone, but if you add the Android store, iTunes, APKpure and Windows store as well as the Chrome and Firefox extensions, we are probably closer...read more
  • What’s wrong with the English Wikipedia?

    The question legitimately comes back every so often: why haven’t we updated the English Wikipedia ZIM file for more than a year ? First of all, we are really sorry about that. This is not on purpose and we are committed to update this one as much as any of the thousand others we publish....read more
  • Annual report 2019

    Our annual report for 2019 is out! You can check it here and download it there along with our audited financial statement.