• Digitizing to Preserve a Museum’s Heritage Legacy

    Digitizing to Preserve a Museum’s Heritage Legacy

    Welcome to the Museum of Dewantara Kirti Griya, a haven of knowledge and tribute dedicated to Indonesia’s visionary educator Ki Hajar Dewantara. Showcasing his life’s work in fighting for accessible education in Indonesia, this museum is embarking on a digitalization journey to ignite a new era of legacy preservation and educational empowerment. But first, let’s...read more
  • One Simple Tool is Transforming Schools in Ghana

    Have you wondered how many people will spend 24.44% of their income on 1G of data? Your guess is as good as mine
  • French Prisons Use Wikipedia to Change Inmates’ Future

    French Prisons Use Wikipedia to Change Inmates’ Future

    Next time you hear someone say prison is just about punishment, you can set them straight.
  • Our First Step in Indonesia – Global Tangerang School

    Last week was our first step in sharing Kiwix in Tangerang, Indonesia. Together with Wikimedia Indonesia and Institut Teknologi Tangerang Selatan (ITTS), we journeyed to the outskirt of Tangerang to visit a local school – Global Tangerang. With 109 students enrolled, 6 teachers, and 5 classrooms, they have insufficient resources to spare for a stable...read more
  • Free and open-source software for the win

    This old man and his grandson live in the village of Jaz-Kechuu, Kyrgyzstan. The place only got electricity last year. They’re watching a very traditional game of Kok-Boruu or, as everyone knows, “horseback polo with a goat”.
  • Thaki gives a new life to your old computers

    Does your company have end-of-cycle computers that they would like to donate? if the answer is yes, then do reach out the Thaki folks at once so that these machines can get a second life in Lebanon and the Levant! Thaki brings digital literacy skills to kids across the country. It empowers refugee and vulnerable...read more
  • Here’s what impact looks like

    We've never met Ross Patrick, yet he has decided that Kiwix-desktop was what was needed in Benin for people dealing with high data costs and poor connectivity. Now he's evangilizing the country on his spare time.
  • Offline connectivity in Ghana: How they do it

    Maxwell Beganim is an Educator at the Tertiary and Secondary level. He is also a Wikipedian, a member of Open Foundation West Africa and wanted to train students on Open Knowledge. But he needed a solution to a long standing problem of connectivity in the region. How can you do Digital Literacy trainings without access...read more
  • Deploying Ladakhipedia offline

    In villages of the Indian Himalayas of Ladakh, over 75% of students and adult learners have had no access to learning since the start of the COVID 19 crisis. Many places don’t have 3G towers in their villages. Most can’t afford the high data charges anyway. Other areas have been disrupted by border disputes: the...read more
  • Distributed Wikipedia Mirror Update

    Distributed Wikipedia Mirror and Kiwix projects are happy to the announce general availability of updated English and Turkish mirrors, along with new languages: Burmese, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. A handy, up-to-date list can be found at ipfs.kiwix.org, and in the snapshot-hashes.yml manifest. The idea of a distributed Wikipedia mirror goes back to 2017, when the IPFS Project created a snapshot of English and Turkish languages and put it on IPFS. To learn why...read more